A World consists of A Vision for a better world.

Everybody talks about Climate Change and CO2 taxes, the day, the resources of the earth for the year are used is end of July, obviously that cannot go on forever and one day our grandchildren will ask us, why we didn’t react, while clearly seeing the problem.

I personally don’t feel, that governments or companies are willing to change the system, it’s much more talking and populism than really change the way we think or act.

Facebook made almost 1 billion followers, exchanging pictures, staying in contact or whatever.

Why not having a platform, that is made by us for us to really serve a higher purpose? I strongly believe, that a lot of good people feel the same, but are not able to change something on an individual base.

Let’s start and make a difference. Let’s think about purpose and positive outcome first and then about ROIs and commercials. Let’s ask ourselves: What could we do, if we were A community, all over the world, that can cooperate on, invest in, or simply coordinate projects all over the world for a higher purpose.

I want to invite everyone of you, to be part of it and share the vision of A better world, A safety network for us and the world, that doesn’t ´care about different beliefs and religions, nationalities or colors, socio-ethical or geographical background, but leads to A community and A friends all over the world, that won’t let you down and help you work on projects that make a difference.