A World consists of A Vision for a better world.

Everybody talks about Climate Change and CO2 taxes, the day, the resources of the earth for the year are used is end of July, obviously that cannot go on forever and one day our grandchildren will ask us, why we didn’t react, while clearly seeing the problem.

I personally don’t feel, that governments or companies are willing to change the system, it’s much more talking and populism than really change the way we think or act.

Facebook made almost 1 billion followers, exchanging pictures, staying in contact or whatever.

Why not having a platform, that is made by us for us to really serve a higher purpose? I strongly believe, that a lot of good people feel the same, but are not able to change something on an individual base.

Let’s start and make a difference. Let’s think about purpose and positive outcome first and then about ROIs and commercials. Let’s ask ourselves: What could we do, if we were A community, all over the world, that can cooperate on, invest in, or simply coordinate projects all over the world for a higher purpose.

I want to invite everyone of you, to be part of it and share the vision of A better world, A safety network for us and the world, that doesn’t ´care about different beliefs and religions, nationalities or colors, socio-ethical or geographical background, but leads to A community and A friends all over the world, that won’t let you down and help you work on projects that make a difference.

A World Storyline

This Earth is a living planet. Even, if we humans ruin it, If time comes that we are no longer inhabiting this planet, it will continue to exist. It has plants, animals, oxygen, sunlight, water, soil and many more and will heal it’s man-made wounds. Hopefully not the best case scenario.

Time to act

Our Earth is A complete line up of elements to continue, sustain and enjoy life. We rely on many of its resources, but we’ve crossed the border where we ask “For how long and to whom’s bill?” 

This question has been asked for a number of times by many, and though many seem to respond positively and are moving at demo formats like „friday for future“ we begin to understand how much work it needs to spread awakening and shake actions from Mammon-believing country leaders to governments, from one country to another, from one community to each other and likewise for the individuals.

Now, should we continue in only putting effort and resources in getting the attention of those who refuse to see, understand and act? Do we wait until they finished discussed what to do politically correctly and start to act? Why don’t we come together, all of us who understand our state, us, like-minded people across all nations and countries, and begin to create A global community of people who agree to take it upon their hands to make this planet A better place for us and our future descendants?

We are willing to make it A difference.

We may be different in our background and history, our ethnicity and race, our religious orientation, culture, and language but at the end we all have the same hopes, dreams and desires. Our differences are not obstacles or draw-backs, they are enrichment to our experience, increase our knowledge, and improve our practices. If we have realized, that we must desire th chain of exploitation to be broken.

Therefore we need to consolidate our forces and targets to make A siginificant, considerable and measurable difference

We aim for A World that find a common ground to synergize with what others have, know or can. If we only understood to happily work with the beauty of our diversity we can create A new mindset and at the end A renewed and united world in peace and harmony

Let’s put the concept of camaraderie rather than competitiveness,  let’s overcome our egos and former injuries and prejudices

the notion that one is better than the rest will not bring us closer to our hopes and dreams.

Imagine if we use our talents, skills, knowledge, technology, creativity and will power to take care of our remaining resources, preserve what we have and aim for sustainable lifestyle. Imagine how much we can accomplish and how far we can go. We will start to be more cautious of our motives and actions. We will begin to be aware of our consumption and our preservations. We will create products, services, and practices that support our short-, mid- and long-term goals. We will establish a global system that agrees with what we hope to have and complements our future aspirations. We will become one in our intentions, discipline, actions, motivation, and vision.

A World that begins in A Community that is rooted in the diversity of values and background, culture shared by different ethnicity and beliefs, but deliberately find ways to integrate and work together as one unit.

A World that uses credibility as the currency of exchange and transactions because that is more valuable than any legal tender (monetary unit).

A World that creates products that have more viable purpose to many. A deep awareness of the impact of production of products, and its uses because the more it consumes energy and resources, and the more that it is for pleasure, all the more it consumes your and the future of others.

A World that affirms conservation and responsible consumption.

A World that pays back for what it consumes.

A World that invests in projects and activities that have higher purposes and promise positive outcome to system:earth.

As A brand and A community, we stand as a guidance to the possibilities and challenges of a increasing digital world with A artificial Intelligence becoming smarter and better as us and A mankind that seems thoughtlessly ruin their basis of eternal life in decades and generations.

If you feel the same, feel free to join in to the A community and subscribe with A few words at a1@aworld.international.

First look and see of the webtsite please visit: http://www.aworld.international