What if…

… we as a human tribe wouldn’t prioritice local focus and optimization instead of supporting a global vision?


— we would understand, that at the end, it’s our planet and at the end, that means, that we are all on the same boat, even if it seems, only the other side is sinking.

— we would invent a world where brands with great reputation would net-work their customers worldwide for starting greater goods?

… we had A Community, that is friendly and helpful to each other and consider all other As as friends, whereever  planet they come from?

… we hat A Avatar, that contains all my data, wherever I am and assist me with all payments and data management and income taxes and 3rd party communication?

… we hat A friend all over the word and being safe-guarded by A community, wherever we travel?

… we had A Spot to go whe you need one, already prepared for your needs in privacy atmosphere?

… we had A Credits that I can earn by helping build the community and can use them for help by others too?

… what if A Game would attract thousands to playing with each other using their competencies and insights, ideas and implementations, skills and experiences, networks and backgrounds for out-of-the-box outsmarting innovations for this threatened, beautiful planet.

… what if A journeys would give you the opportunity to see other countries in a Concierge Service way, let others care for the details of the travel, booking and payments and let’s you fully focus on deep immersion into land and people.

… what if A Car would be more than that, shelter and home, business area and playground, an artificial intelligent sleeping wagon or a private resataurant on wheels, whenever you need it?

… what if A Cross Car would promise to take you anywhere and get you back?

… and if A Copter would backup if there are things you need, that anywhere hasn’t on the menu?

… what if A Events would give the good As chance to meet up, prominent or not?

… what if A World were more fun than the world today?..

.. would you then like to be an A?


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