A Mission

Our Mission is to do all the necessary steps towards A Vision, starting with small products and services and enrich it to ease up customer lives and enhance the sense for our personal and corporate responsibility for sustainability and climate change.

In detail short term missions are:

  • Prototype first product with all genetics of A world and bring it online, then scale it up
  • Start marketing the idea of A world and get up to 10.000 followers and 1000 customers by the end of 2020
  • Develop first service for carbon footprint reduction by offering business and end customers to grow trees to compensate their specific CO2-footprint (project working title: A project green Sahara)

Mid term vision:

  • Develop a market place to share ideas and insights, work together on sustainability, ecological or societal projects, get financing or partners onboarded
  • Enhance this to a space, where people can interact, build connections and networks, help each other, based on an internal currency (A credit)
  • Build up A Human life management system that securely stores all personal information of customers behind a digital ID, always accessible and ensuring 3rd party communication with specific access to relevant data, enrich with services and products either self developed or by 3rd party partners
  • Build up a gamified structure to A World, ensuring, that customers can develop their digital character and reach higher levels within the A world society

Long term mission:

  • Build up first real A world centers in some significant mega cities all over the world